Food Ordering and Delivery Applications

Your very own restaurant with your own customized name and ownership – sounds cheesy doesn’t it? That’s how we work by bringing dreams into reality


Würfel-IT has served various clients in food ordering services. Our apps have all the major features that are required by any restaurant for their delivery services.
If your restaurant delivers food items, then our application expertise and solutions are what your business needs to improve its productivity and results. 


Detailed Menu
Add To Cart
Delivery Area Charges
Minimum Order Price
Customers Account
Restaurant Panel
Search Engine Optimization
Responsive Design Integration
Social Media Share
Rate & Review
Rate & Review
Social Media Share
Responsive Design Integration
Search Engine Optimization
Restaurant Panel
Customer Account
Minimum Order Price
Delivery Area Charges
Add to Cart
Detailed Menu

User-Friendly Applications 

Attractive color schemes and quick menu bar at one click is what majority customers want. Our app has easy to access menus which provide the user-experienced guides about every food item. Hence enhancing customer’s delight of ordering food. 

Deals, Coupons & Quick Notifications

Facilitate your customer with OFF Deals, Coupons and many more at one place with our amazing app. Also, a quick notification system is embedded to provide a way to enhance your communication with your customer.

Customizable Orders

Every Customer wants a different taste in their Eateries. Facilitate your customer with customizable orders e.g. selection of flavors, ingredients, quantity and many more. If you want your customer to be satisfied get our services. 

Billing & Delivery

We provide your customers with billing safety. Your business success depends upon trust that your customer has on you regarding its money. Ease your customer by providing easily comprehendible billing methods and safe delivery systems


  • Restaurant owner can login with email ID and password
  • Responsive design integration
  • Edit profile with login, restaurant, delivery and contact
  • Information
  • Change password and logout
  • Dashboard
  • Add and manage the outlet managers
  • View the list of customer reviews
  • Manage the orders list
  • View the full information of particular order
  • Update the order status
  • Notify the order updates to customer
  • Export the order list
  • Filter the orders
  • Manage Complete Menu
  • Create New Categories
  • Add new deals
  • Add, Edit minimum order price
  • Standard Admin Panel Account
  • Manage the Users
  • Add and Manages Sliders 
  • Manage Restaurant Timings
  • Social Media Page Setting
  • Image settings
  • Country, City and Location management
  • Currency management 
  • Delivery time and delivery cost management
  • Reports of Orders with filters 
  • Add and manage the promotional coupon code
  • Send the marketing Notifications to customers
  • Sales Reports
  • Connecting of multiple franchises if available


Rs. 70,000/-

Rs. 100,000/-


1. How will I get the order? 

Promoting an application is the answer. We will make your brand famous while marketing your app through expert skills and techniques in SMS and digital media. 

2. Is there any hidden percentage/Tax in order? 

No Hidden charges or any percentage will be added in orders. You don’t have to pay anything in orders.

3. What happens if someone places a false order?

What would you do If someone make a false order on a phone call?